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Risk Management Department
EHS Manager

Takuma Mohri

JRE Operations Corporation
Corporate Management Department

Sho Kawauchi

Please tell us about your work.

Mohri: I am responsible for EHS management of the entire JRE Group. This includes developing and implementing corporate-wide policies and rules for health and safety of my colleagues and environmental protection at and around our project sites. Conducting EHS audits on a regular basis to check and ensure compliance with the rules and the effectiveness of our management is also part of my responsibilities. I think of myself as a guard who sounds the alert before any potential EHS issue becomes a problem.

Kawauchi: My job is to help power plants and other locations execute the EHS rules that Mohri-san and others develop. Specifically, this involves a range of measures, including talking with site staff at their monthly meetings to draw up annual EHS activity plans, advising staff on the purchase of safety equipment, providing worksites with the latest EHS information, and providing safety education and guidance on emergency response.

* Environment, health, and safety: A systematic approach to ensure that environmental, health and safety risks are assessed and managed across the lifecycle of every business activity.

What aspects of your work in EHS management do you find important?

Mohri: I always try to encourage my colleagues to be proactive, and I always try to put myself in their shoes because I don’t think imposing these rules one-sidedly works in the end. I try not to be noisy. I also try to cultivate my EHS sensitivity so that I can identify and manage potential risks that have been overlooked.

Kawauchi: Like Mohri-san, I try to shorten the distance between us and worksites and respond quickly to their input. That’s why I really enjoy receiving specific requests for guidance; I feel like they trust me. EHS gets tied up in laws and regulations and there is a lot that’s hard to understand, so I also try to explain things as simply and comprehensibly as I can.

Please share your personal impressions of each other.

Kawauchi: Mohri-san has a background in environmental consulting, so he has a wealth of knowledge on the laws and regulations related to EHS and always gives me spot-on advice. At work he’s cool-headed, but at home he loves his children and he is very much a family man. He sometimes shares with me memories of his travels with one of his sons on extended vacations.

Mohri: Kawauchi-san has earned deep trust from colleagues at our power plants, so I rely on him too. In his private life, he is a loving and dedicated father, although just not as much as I am.

Lastly, please share a goal or dream for the future.

Kawauchi: Strengthen the company’s emergency response capabilities. Fortunately, the company hasn’t experienced a major accident so far, but I want to establish rules for emergency preparedness that would prevent damage from spreading to our employees and the communities near our power plants. I also want to build a company that is trusted by society by maintaining safe, stable operations through EHS activities.

Mohri: The renewable energy industry is an emerging industry with much potential, and in terms of EHS management, industry-specific standards need to be developed. I believe it is possible that our rules will form the basis of new industrial standards if we can show leadership in this area. Besides this, I want to incorporate international standards for sustainable development (such as human rights and consideration for ecosystems), as represented by the SDGs, into our EHS activities so that we can create power plants that are loved by everyone.

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