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Nakakyushu Onitayama Wind Farm

November 2016#Onshore wind power generation

Our mountaintop power plant blends into the landscape to produce electricity by harnessing the natural energy of the wind

We are deeply grateful to the local community for welcoming the Nakakyushu Onitayama Wind Farm with a warm heart

Mr. Kazuyoshi Omote
Japan Renewable Energy Corporation

Project manager for development

The Nakakyushu Onitayama Wind Farm, one of the first projects that JRE investigated and began developing, was completed in September 2016. It stands on the ridge of Onitayama mountain between Gokase town and Morotsuka village in the northern region of Miyazaki Prefecture. Consisting of eight wind turbines, each capable of producing 2,000 kilowatts of electricity for a total output of 16,000 kilowatts, the plant is the first large-scale wind station to be developed in Miyazaki Prefecture. It has the highest altitude (1,000–1,200 meters) among all wind farms in the Kyushu region and offers a view of Mount Aso’s five peaks in the far distance.

Opinions received during the environmental assessment process and views expressed at meetings with local residents were duly taken into account when planning the Nakakyushu Onitayama Wind Farm. Our goal was to develop a plant that is friendly to local communities as well as to the natural environment. Efforts were made to increase local residents’ understanding of wind farms. Before starting construction work, we led a group of interested residents on a tour of an existing wind power station operated by another company. Once construction began at the Onitayama site, we offered resident tours of the construction site, one to see a turbine foundation being built and another to observe the lifting of a turbine. Over 80 residents joined the second tour despite extremely harsh weather conditions. The scheduled lifting work had to be cancelled due to strong winds and fog, but engineers braved the storm to explain the process to the residents, who in turn listened avidly while withstanding the wind and rain. It was a moment when both sides were moved by the dedication of the other.

We encountered many obstacles along the way to project completion, but we were able to overcome each obstacle thanks to the guidance and support of all the people involved. One of our first issues was the leasing of land for the plant site. A power plant requires a vast expanse of land, which usually means obtaining agreement from many land owners. Some plots have multiple owners, who may live in all parts of Japan. There were times when we could not obtain agreement from land owners in distant areas. Local residents helped us by calling them to introduce JRE and explain the project. Such support was invaluable for a not-very-well-known company like us and allowed us to obtain agreement from all land owners, local and otherwise.

Climatic conditions were very tough as well, owing to the site’s high altitude (1,000–1,200 meters). In the winter, which lasts from December to the following February, construction crews had to contend with frozen ground, snowfall and other conditions that delayed or stopped work. However, the contractor was able to complete construction on schedule without any accidents or disasters. One factor for this success was the local community’s agreement to stop using the forest road that they normally use for daily travel, banning all local traffic from the road during the construction period and thereby allowing construction work to proceed smoothly.

Transport was another challenge. We had to bring all the turbine parts overland for 85 kilometers from Nobeoka-shinko port. There were many difficult spots along the route, especially the multi-curved Roppo Kaido forest road. The freight company made full use of their long experience and technical expertise to devise ingenious solutions to ensure safe delivery, such as using a special truck capable of transporting a 39-meter turbine blade in an upright position. In these and other ways, the people involved provided guidance and support in diverse areas to ensure the successful completion of construction work and enable the Nakakyushu Onitayama Wind Farm to begin operations.

JRE hopes to grow together with the local community. Toward this end, we have endeavored to do business with local firms and employ local residents. At present, four JRE employees living in Miyazaki Prefecture are involved in on-site operations.

The Nakakyushu Onitayama Wind Farm harnesses the never-ending natural energy of mountain winds to supply sufficient electricity to power 11,300 households annually, as it simultaneously serves as a regional landmark with its wind turbines standing along the Onitayama mountain ridge. We hope it will continue to provide clean energy for many years to come, contributing to industrial growth and helping to ensure stability in people’s lives as a well-loved partner of the local community. We are deeply grateful to the local community for welcoming the Nakakyushu Onitayama Wind Farm with a warm heart.


Looking forward to seeing JRE, a company that builds trust with local communities when carrying out its power generation business, expand its renewable energy operations worldwide

Mr. Toshifumi Teramoto
Chief Priest, Josenji Temple

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I was impressed by JRE’s thorough briefings and earnest response to local concerns and look forward to their promotion of renewable energy in the coming years

Mr. Hitoshi Fujioka
Shrine Representative, Iiboshi Shrine

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It is my hope that JRE will pave the way for the spread of renewable energy

Mr. Takeshi Kawasaki
Kajima Corporation

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