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Harmony with community and society

  • Why it matters for us
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Why it matters for us

Developing renewable energy projects in harmony with local communities and society is at the center of JRE’s values. Creating long-term relationships is essential for us to maintain our social license to operate, and therefore is essential to the success of our business. Our social responsibility goes beyond just our neighbors – it extends to empowering local communities and promoting an understanding of the importance of renewable energy.

Our approach

Continuous and transparent engagement with local communities to build mutual understanding is a central element to our project development. During the development phase, we hold two-way communication through briefing sessions and on-site explanation meetings. We explain how potential future activities may impact local communities, and encourage them to ask questions to learn more about our projects. Throughout construction and operation of our sites, we strive to maintain this continuous communication with our stakeholders. For more details on our stakeholder communication process, please visit our Features of Business page.

Should local residents or other interested parties want to raise a question with us at any time, we encourage them to do so via our inquiries page.

Our employees generously volunteer their time to help local community events throughout the year, such as environmental sport events and cleanup activities in neighboring towns. These activities enable us to build trust with local communities and make our employees feel connected with JRE’s social mission. We also believe it is our responsibility to raise awareness of the critical role renewable energy plays in Japan’s energy mix. JRE holds annual events aimed at promoting renewable energy, such as Wind Day. We provide firsthand experience in how renewable energy is generated by offering site visits to our power plants to people from the local community and students from elementary school through to university. Additionally, we regularly hold lectures at local elementary schools, high schools, and universities to help prepare and inspire the next generation of clean energy leaders.

Moreover, JRE aggressively recruits local personnel and conducts business with local companies for the construction and operation of power plants. Through business activities tailored to regional characteristics, JRE aims to continue contributing to the development of communities as a good corporate citizen.

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Community-related indicators 2017 2018 2019 2020
Time spent through employee volunteering for events JRE recruited *1 (days) 12 20 15 0
Number of large-scale events held *2 (e.g., site tours planned by JRE, lessons delivered) 4 4 2 2
Number of small-scale events held *2 (e.g., site visit tours held upon request) 42 32 35 24
Number of local employees *3 14 22 37 40

*1 Due to COVID-19, in 2020 we did not send employee volunteers.

*2 Due to COVID-19, in 2020 there was a period when we did not hold events or accept visitors.

*3 Local personnel recruited from the area where power plants are located

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