External contact office for whistleblowers

1. External contact office for whistleblowers

JRE Group has established Office of the Compliance Committee, Japan Renewable Energy Corporation to accept a report from whistleblowers as part of our efforts to promote compliance. You are encouraged to provide the information to our external contact office if you notice behavior that constitutes or may constitute a violation of corporate compliance by JRE Group’s officers or staff members.

The contents of the report or consultation shall be investigated in compliance with relevant regulations and in-house rules and be dealt with appropriately. Without having your consent, your information will not be disclosed in a form that may suggest your identity to others or to other divisions.

2. Whistleblower

Any private person or an employee of corporate entities, which have business relationship with JRE Group.

3. Reportable behavior

Any behavior by JRE Group’s officers or staff members that constitute or may constitute a violation of corporate compliance as specified by the Whistleblower Protection Act.

・ Wrongful acts or violations of laws and regulations (such as kickbacks, false billing, falsification of documents, accepting/offering entertainment or gifts that could be considered a bribe, suspected money laundering)
・ Harassment (such as harassment from a position of authority or sexual harassment)
・ Bullying by taking advantage of one’s position
・ Other unlawful or unethical behaviors

* Defamatory reports shall not be accepted.
* Please refrain from sending advertising or sales talk via this contact office.

4. Reporting form

requiredAttribute of whistleblower
requiredCompany name
Department name/title
requiredEmail address
requiredEmail address (retype)
requiredPhone number
requiredDetails of what is reported
requiredDesired outcome of whistleblowing (choose one)

Handling of Personal Information

1.Name or title of business operator
Japan Renewable Energy Corporation (JRE)

2.Affiliation and contact number of manager in charge of protecting personal information
Executive Vice President and COO, Representative Director
Phone Number: +81-3-6455-4900

3.Purpose of using personal information
The personal information provided will only be used for the purpose of responding to inquiries. The registration and provision of personal information is optional, but please be aware that we may not be able to respond to requests if the information is not provided.

4.Sharing information with third parties
JRE will not share personal information with third parties unless there is consent from the individual or if it is required under law.

5.Outsourcing of personal information
JRE may outsource personal information depending on business needs such as information processing and maintenance. JRE manages its outsourcing contractors appropriately, making sure of the safe handling of personal information and the signing of confidentiality agreements.

6.Inquiries about personal information
Upon request from the individual, notification can be sent on the purpose of use for the personal information subject to disclosure, or requests can be made to disclose, correct, add or delete, suspend use, erase, or stop the provision of the personal information to third parties. Please send requests to the following contact:

Japan Renewable Energy Corporation
Human Resources & General Affairs Department
Phone Number: +81-3-6455-4900
Email address: privacy@jre.co.jp