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For Sustainable Growth

Aiming at 1,000MW by 2020!

Renewable energy is becoming increasingly important as a measure against climate change and as an important power source vital to energy self-sufficiency. Accordingly, there is strong demand for related technological innovation and its application.

To achieve our vision of “taking leadership in creating a prosperous and sustainable society through the development of renewable energy”, JRE will further expand its business. Although we foresee a number of challenges ahead, we will achieve this goal through the following measures.

1. Expansion of our power generation business foundation through accelerated new power plant development and the acquisition of prime assets

Drawing on our accumulated expertise in the development of power plants, we will further strengthen our capital resources and enhance our team so that we can continue to expand our business foundation through the acceleration of new business development and the acquisition of existing prime assets. To achieve this goal, we view our mission as the continued pursuit of reduction in development costs, and through these efforts we aim to reduce the burden of these costs to the end user whom ultimately that must bear them.

2. Diversification of power sources

In addition to the solar, wind, and biomass power generation that we already operate or have under development, we will undertake the development of power sources in new fields including small hydroelectric power and offshore wind power, as we extend our business through a balanced and diverse composition of power sources.

3. Stable power plant operation

Through the long term operation and management of power plants by ourselves, we will accumulate further expertise concerning power plant operation and will continue supplying electric power stably and safely without accident. In addition, by leveraging our acquired expertise to improve operational efficiency, we will reduce costs and raise profitability in power generation, to create increased value for our power plants.

JRE will increase its supply of electrical power through safe and stable renewable energy, and, with renewable energy business as our core business domain, will expand our business into a variety of domains that promise to yield synergies. By aiming for further growth, our company will contribute to the creation of a sustainable society.

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