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Hibikinada Wind Energy Research Park

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The hybrid wind/solar power generation plant of the future

In January 2018, JRE’s first hybrid power generation plant began commercial operation in the Hibikinada District of the city of Kitakyushu. This project originated in the summer of 2013, when the city solicited bids for its Program to Promote the Concentration of Industries Related to Wind Power Generation in the Hibikinada District and selected the Hibikinada Wind Energy Research Park that was proposed jointly by Hokutaku Co., Ltd. and JRE. To implement the project, JRE and Hokutaku established Hibikinada Wind Energy Research Park GK. Commercial solar power generation began in September 2017, and the power plant was completed in December 2018 with the initiation of wind power generation.

The power plant has two main advantages. First, it is a hybrid facility that utilizes both solar and wind power. The Hibikinada Wind Energy Research Park features a single interconnected transformer under which a wind-powered generation plant and solar-powered generation plant operate in tandem. As we develop technical expertise and accumulate data, we are preparing to design and operate more hybrid power plants that make more efficient use of the system.

Second, experimental studies are being conducted while the facility is being commercially operated. When Kitakyushu solicited the bids, their original concept was to establish a base for wind power generation in Hibikinada, including offshore sites. Working together, Hokutaku and JRE developed plans in line with that concept, which was also reflected in the name of the joint venture we established. We built two large 3.3 MW wind turbines (the first of their kind to be built in Japan) in a location facing the sea, making it possible to acquire operational and managerial expertise, accumulate power generation data, and train personnel. We are confident that this will prove useful in the operation of future offshore power plants.

These two main advantages of the plant will have a significant impact on renewable energy in years to come. In this sense, the Hibikinada Wind Energy Research Park can truly be called the hybrid wind/solar power generation plant of the future.


Bringing next-generation power generation to life through hybrid technology

Mr. Yugo Sakai
Japan Renewable Energy Corporation

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Focusing on experimental studies and human resource development as a maintenance company

Mr. Satoru Yoshida
Executive Vice President
Hokutaku Co., Ltd.

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Looking forward to future collaboration with JRE

Mr. Takayuki Suyama
“Green Energy Port” Project Division
“Green Energy Port” Project Office
Kitakyushu Seaport and Airport Bureau

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